Technical Data

Displacement40,20 cc
Theoretical Oil Flow at Pump Speed40,20 cc at 1000 rpm
Theoretical Oil Flow at Pump Speed60,30 cc at 1500 rpm
Max. Continuous Pump Speed2300 rpm
Max. Continuous Pressure400 bar
Max. Peak Pressure450 bar
Max. Torque at 350 bar225 Nm
Maximum Flow92,46 l/min.
Minimum Pump Temperature-25 degree
Maximum Pump Temperature110 degree
Weight (Without Accessories)11,50 kg
Weight (With Accessories)11,90 kg
RotationCW, CCW


Ordering Code

2PS Bent Axis Pump, ISO, Fixed Displacement, 400/450 bar.

Pump Code: 2PS

Displacement (cm3): 5cc to 130cc

Drive Shaft: S1, S2, K1, K2

Mounting Flange: A (ISO 3019-2 , 4 Bolt)

Inlet & Outlet Port: 11 (Threaded), 12 (SAE)

Direction of Rotation: L (Left/CCW) , R (Right/CW)

Sealing: S (Standart) , H (High Pres.) , V (Viton)


2PS have the following advantages;

Compact Design, Economical Conception, High Power Density, High Overall Efficiency, High Rotating Speeds, High Output Pressure, Simple Change of Direction of Rotation, For Industrial & Mobile Market, Splined or Keyed Shaft..

2PS ISO Bent Axis Pumps starting at ;  5cc, 12cc, 18cc, 25cc, 32cc, 40cc, 50cc, 56cc, 63cc, 80cc, 108 cc and 130cc.

2PS Pumps have Parallel Keyed and Splined Shaft Versions. More details available at 2PS Official Catalog..

Other Advantages of 2PS

New frame sizes to meet market requirements.

For use in mobile & industrial and stationary applications areas.

The pump drive shaft bearings are designed to give the service life expected in these areas of operation.

Interchangeable with other ISO bent axis pumps.

DIN 5480 Splined Shaft and DIN 6885 Parallel Keyed Shaft Versions.

Why Bent Axis ?

40 degree bent axis design giving high power, small overall dimensions, optimum efficiency and economic design.

Flange and shaft designed for direct mounting on truck gearbox PTO's. The fixed displacement bent axis pumps generates a hydraulic fluid flow.

It is designed for use in trucks, commercial vehicles and all stationary hydraulic applications. The 2PS is a fixed pump with rotary group in bent-axis design open circuits.

Flow, Efficiency, Performance

Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement.

For axial piston units with bent-axis design, the Pistons are arranged diagonally with respect to the drive shaft. The pump covers the whole displacement range 5 to 130 cm3/rev.

The pump has been developed with modern styling and design to satisfy market demand as to designed new generation plate and pistons
with give high flow performance, high pressures with high efficiency and very small dimensions.

Pressure, Speed and Flow list of 2PS

The pump is available both to DIN , ISO and SAE world standards and can be mounted either directly at the gear box or via a drive shaft.

If necessary it can also be augmented with a by-pass valve.Other brand bent axis pumps compatible and interchangeable with 2PS ISO bent axis pumps.

Refer to the data sheet and order confirmation for the technical data,operating conditions and operating limits of the bent axis piston pumps.


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